Our Consultation Services For Banking and Capital Markets

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, digital adoption is increasing. Rules are become more detailed, intricate, and stringent. The financial sector continues to face challenges as a result of global events, which draw attention to existing risks and reveal new ones. To deliver seamless banking and capital marketing services, companies in the banking and financial markets need to strike a balance between our high standards for customer satisfaction and growing cost limitations and increased scrutiny.

Financial institutions may become more effective and efficient with the help of NDIM Technologies capital marketing consultancy services, which are closely monitored, risk-sensitive, compliant with regulations, and backed by cutting-edge technologies.

The compliance consulting business owned by our banker is well renowned for offering financial institutions practical solutions that demonstrate the five characteristics required to thrive in the face of disruption: Being human,

Internal Audit

Whether you need to transform your internal audit function using agile principles and AI, or if you want to co-source or fully outsource your internal audit and controls functions, we guarantee that your internal audit activity adds the most value to your organisation through our top-notch Sarbanes-Oxley and internal audit practices.

Regulatory Compliance

Our subject matter specialists use their understanding of the national and global regulatory landscape to assist you in developing innovative, tech-enabled compliance risk management programmes that reduce compliance costs and increase efficacy.

Risk Management

NDIM Technologies executives understand that they must use more recent techniques into their risk management plans in order for them to be successful. We help you leverage data, adopt new technologies, and keep a strong control environment so you can stay at the forefront of risk management and grow your business.

Managed Solutions

In order to help you bridge short-term skill gaps, successfully complete projects, and transform your organisation, we offer a unique and flexible delivery model for consulting, implementation, and operations services. We do this by assembling the perfect team that can scale up or down quickly and affordably to meet your needs.

Digital Transformation

We help you shift your viewpoint in order to rethink the customer experience, research and explore new ideas for operations, create better digital channels, and cultivate abilities that support a creative and flexible culture.


We support companies in securely growing their enterprises by analysing, developing, implementing, and overseeing end-to-end adaptable solutions. Cybersecurity is a significant priority for boards and ERM units that wish to be informed about and fully comprehend their cyber threat landscape.


We offer technological consulting services that can be helpful if you wish to automate, upgrade, or begin a full-scale change. We provide a broad range of services, such as strategy, design, and development, implementation, risk management, and managed services.


We work with companies to evaluate their ESG policies, establish and monitor objectives, manage risk, assist with sustainable finance projects, and fulfil regulatory requirements. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities are present for asset and wealth management organisations.