How Our Consultation Services Can Help

We are aware of the value and competitive advantages that our clients create for a range of metals and mined products across assets and projects. Whether in known industries like steel, iron ore, and coal or in emerging ones like batteries, we provide metals and mining advising on how to manage business risks and seize opportunities.

How Our Consultation Services Can Help

Many large worldwide mining and metals firms rely on our unmatched expertise, which is backed by state-of-the-art proprietary research, vast data sets, and advanced analytics. For numerous markets, from zinc to aluminium, we provide comprehensive Metals and mining strategy consulting services. We also provide the important insights and knowledge required for well-informed decision-making in these vital industries.a

Entire Value Chain

Our comprehensive guidance regarding metals and mining encompasses all aspects of the businesses we cater to. Furthermore, we are highly knowledgeable on broader topics that are pertinent to all of the commodities markets in which we operate, such as emissions control and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.

Industry experts

What gives us a competitive edge is our capacity to leverage the immense knowledge of our dedicated experts who comprise our vast global network, all of whom have a strong focus on energy, natural resources, and metals. Our team of consultants for metals and mining strategy has many experts with extensive practical expertise in the industry, which bolsters our abilities and allows us to provide exceptional insights and solutions across a range of sectors.

Commercial Services

Government policy, marketability analysis, strategic commercial consulting, and asset evaluation in the mining and metals industries are among the specialties of our metals and mining consulting team. We often advise arbitration panels and courts throughout conflict resolution processes.