Federal Healthcare Services

We offer specialist medical services and solutions that improve outcomes for all populations. You may tackle your largest issues and focus on your main health goals with the help of our domain and scientific experience, as well as state-of-the-art technical solutions.

Public Health

We provide training and technical assistance, evaluation, survey research, strategic communications, and other services to organisations who need improved capabilities to achieve their goals in the public health domain.

  • Training and support for technology
  • Public health monitoring
  • Health survey analysis and research
  • Communication and health promotion
  • Readiness for health
  • Distribution and translation
  • Internationally minded
  • Climate and environmental health

Health IT and Scientific Support

We provide vital health IT solutions so that companies can focus on public health, patient care, and scientific research. Systems for tracking illnesses and data interchange are some examples of these solutions.

  • Hubs for data organisation in bioinformatics
  • Data science and analytics
  • Interoperability of data and system integration
  • Creation of applications in science
  • Using strong computers
  • Creation of guidelines and regulations

Federal Healthcare

Our clinical quality measures promote greater transparency from providers and the public, as well as more patient-centered, efficient, timely, safe, and equitable treatment for beneficiaries.

  • Measures of clinical excellence
  • Fraud detection
  • Programme integrity and fraud detection
  • BPO and case management
  • The standard of medical care
  • Technical assistance in contact centres and medical fields
  • Qualifications and Benefits Administration

Biomedical Research

We support biomedical research and development, clinical trials, and large-scale data integration, exchange, and analysis using proteomics and genomics platforms.

  • Resources for Translational Research
  • Data harmonisation and integration using microarrays
  • Examination of the genome
  • pipelines for processing
  • How to handle biospecimens