Real Estate Consulting Services

We assist owners, investors, occupiers, and whole cities in rethinking where and how their employees work in order to compete in a post-pandemic environment.

Global Consulting Capabilities

Business Strategy

Leading practices for the future of work will impact real estate consulting services with C-suite leadership, enabling the achievement of organisational goals, global enterprise business objectives, and financial results.

Experience of Digital Employees

By incorporating digital workplace technologies into the employee experience (EX), often known as the "digital employee experience," technology collaborations improve human performance and experience.

Dynamic Workplace Management

Our workplace management provides flexible platforms for the delivery of workplace management services to meet the always changing needs of our customers' real estate and workplace portfolios (TOMs).

Technology of the Future/Generative AI

In the upcoming digital shift, creative thinking and cutting-edge technical methods—such as generative AI applications (human + machine)—will produce positive client outcomes.

Planning for Future of Work Scenarios (ROI)

Our real estate consulting services provide a concept for a global future of work that integrates workforce, workplace transformation, and work while building solid business justifications and producing profitable results (ROI).

Reimagine the built environment for companies and cities

Flexible Approach

Make use of on-demand workplaces to meet the needs of a more flexible workforce, save real estate expenses, do away with under- and overuse, and connect people to innovative, new experiences.

Placement Strategy

Our clients can select the ideal place or sites to advance their future business development with the aid of real estate consultancy services. Our industry-leading internal process determines the optimal sites based on risk, talent, environment, and cost considerations using proprietary data sources.


Placemaking competence is essentially the ability to transform a location or asset into a destination unto itself, positioning it as a focal point and unique point of reference for the surrounding area and related projects.

Portfolio Strategy

a proactive process for aligning a client's real estate holdings—including location, size, timing, and cost—with the goals, strategy, and vision of the firm to enhance performance.

Urban Redevelopment

The process of converting neglected or troubled urban areas into new development models in terms of urban planning, design, management, ESG, and people experience is referred to as "regenerating" urban places.the opportunity to transform an outdated or underutilised plot of land into a transformational hub that will act as a dynamic seed for the area around it.

Occupational Strategy

Our collaborative approach to providing commercial real estate consulting services at scrollTab includes involving stakeholders and gathering data in order to produce a Strategic Brief that offers recommendations for how the built environment—and CRE in particular—may adjust to the new obstacles and disruptions.