Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Over the recent years, staff augmentation services have witnessed a growth in their global market presence, rising from 4.3% to 6.3% in sales within the IT services sector. While the ascent may not be rapid, it evidently indicates a shift in business priorities towards strengthening rather than enlarging their in-house IT teams. Let’s delve into the perceived advantages that businesses attribute to staff augmentation for software development.

On-demand IT knowledge

Meeting all your IT requirements might be a challenge due to variations in skill sets among team members. However, a viable solution lies in implementing an IT staff augmentation strategy, allowing you to swiftly bring in temporary professionals possessing the precise knowledge needed for your current demands.

Quick cooperation start

Opting for long-term collaboration without the need for a full-time staff alleviates the pressure typically associated with the hiring process. At ScrollTab, our streamlined recruitment procedure ensures swift planning of applicant interviews within 2-4 days, with onboarding commencing in just 1-2 weeks.

New, unbiased viewpoint on your IT setup

An external expert, well-versed in their field and detached from your organization, can pinpoint shortcomings in your IT procedures or offer valuable insights for enhancing your software capabilities.

Hourly Pay with Zero Extra Expenses

With the flexibility of hourly pricing for the IT specialists you choose to collaborate with, you only incur charges for the actual completed tasks. This approach eliminates additional costs related to social perks, paid time off, company events, training, or any supplementary expenditures.

How Offshoring Works


We discuss your remote staffing requirements.


We recruit and employ your outsourced team.


We support the operation of your outsourced team.

Supported Outsourcing Collaboration Models


We value the work we do, who we do it with, and the people we serve. We treat everyone with dignity and respect, to help everyone reach their full potential.


We embrace change and champion new ways forward, to create common-sense solutions for a rapidly changing world.

Customer Focus

We cultivate an authentic desire to help others succeed. And we’re dedicated to creating a bridge between essential services and those who need them most.


We empower humanity by applying empathy and insight to every interaction. We share a desire to help people, and we’re there when they need us most, ready to move fast.


We partner to instill trust and work as one. And we know that when we work together, we grow together, and make the world a better place.


We empower each other to accept responsibility, solve problems and rise to the challenge, creating higher standards for ourselves, and better outcomes for those we serve.